About Us

Golf and Dining

One of Douglas’ well used attractions is the Douglas Community Club. This 18 hole golf course is on 142.9 acres just south of Douglas. 


We need the members help these days to continue to grow our golf course.  Many industries and the economy are struggling, but there has never been a better place to go and bring a friend or a child.

What better game is there to play with your children than golf?

You get physical activity, the mental focus of competition and still have the quality time to interact, at an unbeatable price.  In a four-hour round, at least half that time is spent walking and talking.  and because of the unique competitive structure of golf-multiple tees and handicaps among them-you can create games that place you and your kids on equal ground.

Golf provides a blueprint for how we should live our lives.  Respect for the rules and respect for your opponent are at the heart of the game.  You keep track of your own score, call penalties on yourself and are taught to view honesty as part of the process and not as an obstacle to success.

Everyone should give our game a chance, but we need you to help us get your friends and neighbors out to enjoy this little gem we have in Douglas.  I’m here to get them started, but we need you to push them out here.