Golf and Dining

One of Douglas’ well used attractions is the Douglas Community Club.  This 18 hole golf course is on 142.9 acres just south of Douglas.

1928 Ten businessmen contributed $100 each toward the purchase of the tract of land which a nine hole golf course was started featuring prairie fairways and sand greens. The ten businessmen are as follows:  George Arnold, R.L. Markley, Henry Bolln, Waldo Bolln, Jo Garst, Bill Judevine, Jack Morton, Bill Omandson, C.C. Zimmerman, and Guy Squires. The members chopped cactus on the prairie fairways and did all the work to establish the golf course.

The sand greens were an experience in of itself. After your ball landed on the green — you drag a path from the ball to the hole, then you putt to the hole and then you had to rake the green for the next player coming behind you.

1930 The log structure that overlooks the golf course was constructed by the W.P.A., however, without running water or modern conveniences.
1946 The Douglas golfers were granted ownership to the P.O.W. Camp Officers Club Building (which is now the I.O.O.F. hall), however, the land was deemed not suitable for golf.
1961 The Club decided to return to the log structure and purchased it from the V.F.W.
1962 Ross and Eileen Clark were hired as the first concessionaires. Ross as the chef, Eileen as bartender, and their daughter Betty Mayo as waitress. Ross and Eileen went to Eddie Moore Ranch and gathered Barn-wood paneling and sanded it and Ross put the paneling up in the dining-room. Eileen and Ross left in 1976.
1965 Charlie George took pledges from the members, and The Wyoming Recreation commission contributed to the program, and the grass fairways became a reality. The modern underground sprinkler system was installed to facilitate caring for the nine hole golf course. After the discing was done they set up a committee of five people per fairway to pick up (in buckets) the moveable rocks. Fairways were assigned to men and boys of the club to plant 82 trees. A dike was built for irrigation on #10. It will store 1/2 million gallons of water.
1972 Jack Morton donated a 55 acre tract of land given by The Morton Inc. for a project of another nine holes of golf. The land lies east of the club house. The State Recreation Commission endorsed the project through its approval of matching fund for the improvements. This project was completed in 1977.
1977 The Pro Shop was constructed and Steve Kunselman was hired as the Golf Professional.
1984 Construction of the new flush restrooms off #14 and #5 greens. A new lake was also constructed on #7.
1987 The Wyoming Recreation Commission endorsed these improvements through the approval of matching funds. Improvements included enlargement and extending #10, #12, and #13 greens. New yardage signs were placed near the tees.
1994 Winning from the Women’s Inter Club purchased and placed flower boxes on either side of the tees. Fran and Hank Thompson along with volunteers planted and watered the flowers.
A new irrigation system was installed to replace the 1965 irrigation system. Vern Knisely memorial ” The Gazebo” above #12 green was constructed and beautifies the golf course.