Tour the Back 9

Golf and Dining

  1. The longest par 4 on the golf course that doglegs slightly to the left. The two ponds and the creek off the tee shouldn’t pose a problem, but the large cottonwood trees protect and over-hang the fairway and green. This green slopes from back to the front right, so make sure to stay below the hole.  Par 4
  2. One of the trickiest short par 4’s you’ll ever play. Position your tee shot towards the left side of the fairway as the big cottonwoods on the right could impede your second shot. This green slopes severely from back to front and you must be below the hole here for a chance at a good score.  Par 4
  3. A dogleg right par 4 with an elevated green that challenges even the best iron shots. Be sure to get the correct yardage as a shot just a little short will cascade all the way back down the hill. If you’re going to miss this green, it’s best to be a little long than anywhere else.  Par 4
  4. The most scenic par 3 on the golf course. The elevated tee shot demands utmost precision. Take one less club and aim directly at the pin. There is a severe slope that will take a shot all the way to the front left edge. Wonderful views of Laramie Peak and herds of antelope loom large.  Par 3
  5. A short par 4 that demands a precise tee shot. Keep the drive down the left side and the sloping fairway will take it to the center. If you start your drive too far right, it’s a forest of pines or out of bounds. An accurate second shot should result in a birdie here.  Par 4
  6. This may be your last chance for birdie. Keep your drive to the right of the big cottonwood tree and you’ll be sittin’ perfect on this dogleg par 5. Two bunkers guard the left and right sides but a relatively short third shot should result in a birdie.  Par 5
  7. This par 4 is the most mentally challenging hole. A sharp dogleg right that hugs the out of bounds driving range. Out of bounds also comes into play through the fairway and behind the green. A Risk, Reward, hole with many decisions. The long hitters can drive the green, but it must be accurate. The smart player will play the percentages and hit a safe shot through the gap, over the corner, and have an easy second shot to an elevated green.  Par 4
  8. A very long, but downhill par 3. This two-tiered green is bordered by large cottonwoods on the left and rear and pines on the right. A much easier green to chip to from the front edge than anywhere else. Par is tough, but not impossible.  Par 3/4
  9. A straight up the hill par 4 to an elevated green. Be sure to take one extra club on the second shot, as coming up a little short will bring the ball all the way back down the hill.   Par 4